Saturday, February 26, 2011

TIL the infamous "black belt" is not the best.

Summary: After black there is black and red (7th and 8th degree black belt) and red belt (9th and 10th) degree black belt.

Here is an interesting quote also;  "It [The Red belt]  is awarded in lieu of a 9th and 10th degree black belt (identical to the art of Judo). Assuming that someone received his or her black belt at 19 years old (the minimum age to receive a black belt under the IBJJF's graduation system) the earliest they could expect to receive a 9th degree red belt would be at the age of 67."


  1. 67, yes, but grandpa would kick your ass 6 ways in less than 10 seconds.

  2. I have a black belt. This depends on which style of martial arts you took.

    But very interesting nonetheless.

  3. I didn't know there were so many levels to the black belt.

  4. unless i'm mistaken the color ranking system comes from traditional times when you were given one belt, white. as you trained over the years it got stained with sweat, dirt, eventually blood, and other things. so the colors represented levels of experience based on length of training and the more black it was the more experience one had.

    now it's just arbitrary measurements of progress in most systems, but i like the old story about it's origins, whether true or not.

  5. good thing im a "no" belt
    no waiting for me :)